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Five Most Popular Celebrity Fans Of Manchester United

Manchester United has always been more than just a club. They have been an institute, a family and most importantly a medium for people to shower love and kindness. The post-Fergie era hasn’t been kind to the Devils, despite countless permutations and combinations.


To make matters worse, the recent days have been beyond control for the United ship and they have been colliding with underwater rocks way too often or running aground with no clear. Irrespective of the results on the field, the love for Manchester United has always been too overwhelming.

From young kids to worldwide celebrities, they have celebrated Manchester United as their very own and this is exactly what makes them a part of the United extended family. Let us take a quick look at the top five celebrities who are Manchester United fans all across the globe.


#1 Eamonn Holmes

The illustrious TV presenter who has also hosted the renowned show called ‘This Morning’ is a massive fan of Manchester United. During his self-isolation amidst the pandemic, he would release a video that would perfectly capture the extent of his love for Manchester United. He has a room that is teeming with team memorabilia, a red floor in the honour of the team’s jersey colour, signed pictures, and a limited-edition Opus that has been signed by Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton.

#2 Usain Bolt

The fastest sprinter of the world who rattled and piled one world record after the other at the Olympics has clearly voiced his love for the Devils on multiple occasions. From seeking a contract expanding to 5 years to playing for Manchester for a friendly game, the lightning bolt has done it all. Time and time again, he has expressed his emotions, voiced his opinions and also visited Old Trafford at every opportunity that he has got.

#3 Russell Watson

Manchester-born-tenor Russell Watson has previously performed for Manchester United and has also starred in the Pride of Manchester list. He is well known across the globe for his musical hits and is one of the popular names on the list of Manchester fans who are renowned celebrities and cuts an influential mark.


#4 Justin Timberlake

The renowned singer is a die-hard follower of Manchester United. He shares a special bond with former United striker, Alan Smith. He has been seen quite a number of times in the stands of Old Trafford. He has also been enlisted in the pride of Manchester and continues to be one of the biggest supporters for the Red Devils.

#5 Floyd Mayweather

Well, if you aren’t knocked out already by the enormity of this list, a hefty haymaker from the one and only, Floyd Mayweather will do the trick. The renowned pugilist is one of the most ardent fans of Manchester United and he has made no attempt to hide his admiration for the club. He has repeatedly been seen sporting his support for the Devils and has also been seen in the stands of Old Trafford.




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