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“Like he never left”, Cristiano Ronaldo equals his 2008-09 PL record for Manchester United

Manchester United breezed past Brentford in a lopsided encounter where the Devils ran rings around the Bees while Bruno Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo and Raphael Varane hammered home clinical finishes to produce an emphatic margin of 3-0.


More than United’s convincing win, what did matter for the Devils was the marauding form of Cristiano Ronaldo. Last night felt like as if he has turned the clock and is breezing at his phenomenal best with flicks, dribbles, sprints and thunderbolts that would leave the Bees in retreat everytime the Portuguese found the ball at his feet.

This is how Cristiano Ronaldo would terrorize Brentford

In 2008-09, when Ronaldo was young and finding his feet for Manchester United, he would go onto hammer 18 goals. Now at 37 years of age, where he is not the same hungry youngster, chasing relentlessly behind every ball, he would still manage to bag 18 goals that is no mere child’s play in a league where ankles are hacked in the flash of an eye.


In fact, he is the highest scorer at home in Premier League 2021-22, that underlines the sizzling brilliance that he brings to the plate. Last night was all about vintage Ronaldo where he would just be at the receiving end of any ball and as a reward, he would also earn the penalty for his team.

The Portuguese marksman stepped up for the spot-kick and blasted home an imperious finish to double United’s lead. That could very well have been his second goal of the night had the first one that he scored not been rendered off-side.

He would latch onto an excellent through from Bruno Fernandes and would smash home on the run that the Brentford couldn’t keep at bay. Sadly, VAR interfered and would deem that as an offside as Ronaldo infringed the hallowed line marginally.


With all said and done, a man who has been deemed as finished would show it to the world that he is far from over and he probably left a lot of clues last night that assures that he is going to stay at Old Trafford for the upcoming season.



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