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Five ecstatic moments of brilliance from the duo of Ronaldo and Ozil

Keeping aside the modern developments, rivalries and what not on the football field, there was a moment when Real Madrid sparked a reign of terror not just across Spain nit Europe too. They had a star for every department and when it came to finishing, they had two artists who would sync in the perfect tango to leave their opponents split in halves in the earlier half of the preceding decade. The duo was none other than Cristiano Ronaldo and Ozil.


The duo had a handful of phenomenal moments together and created countless goals for Los Blancos with the presence of ingenuity, the presence of their mind and most importantly their on-ground flair. Here are a few goals that you would like to revisit by the duo.

#1 Ronaldo hammered a powerbomb against Deportivo

It was a brilliantly taken corner by the German midfield wizard, as if it was destined to be placed onto Ronaldo’s head and the Portuguese marksman hammered it home with extreme prejudice.


#2 Cristiano Ronaldo does the honour of smashing into an empty net

It was the vision of Mesut Ozil that allowed f to latch onto the ball and with the goalkeeper out of the equation, Ronaldo tucked home against Malaga without any ado whatsoever.

#3 Mesut Ozil tucked one past AC Milan as Ronaldo tugged the strings of destruction

This time it was Mesut Ozil who was handed over the onus of getting his team into the surge and as Ronaldo sent a marauding cross from the left, Ozil pounded it straight at the goal, only to bobble off a defender and roll into the back of the net.

#4 Cristiano Ronaldo and Ozil sped past Real Santander on a bike

It was a counter attack that was carved by Real Madrid and as Mesut Ozil scooted down the right, he found ample space to carve a center and Ronaldo was right in the heart of the box and prodded it home comfortably.


#5 Ronaldo drives a spike through the heart of Athletic Bilbao

Ozil was a genius at trapping the balls and in one of the long balls flying at him, he did a fine job of keeping things under control and as he spliced the Athletic Bilbao defence open with an absolute peach, Ronaldo smashed a pearler into the back of the net beyond the outstretched arms of their goalkeeper.


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