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Erling Haaland To Real Madrid; Latest Update Given On The Deal

Los Blancos Are In The Hunt To Sign Another Top Striker And Now Want Haaland

The day of Haaland’s trial is drawing closer and closer. He will make a decision on his future very soon since it seems like Erling Haaland will not be able to re-sign with Dortmund. That has also been noted by his agent, Mino Raiola, on several occasions. Several teams are interested in signing Erling Haaland. But, only a handful of them seems to be viable prospects. Real Madrid, as well as the two Manchester teams, are unquestionably among such clubs. Are they, or aren’t they?


According to a report from ESPN, Manchester United has withdrawn from discussions with Erling Haaland. They will instead concentrate on signing players from other teams to bolster their offensive line. ESPN states that Manchester United feel that the star is virtually dead set on joining Real Madrid. They feel they have little chance of convincing him differently at this point.

According to a source, Real Madrid is still in the lead in the fight to sign Erling Haaland.

The study also discusses the rivalry between Manchester City and Real Madrid for the title of champions of the world. Even though Manchester City can afford to sign the Norwegian and have no qualms about providing him with a deal of $30m per year, the report claims that they are still only second in the fight for his talents. Real Madrid is still in first place in the competition, as the player wants them. That is even though they are financially inferior to their rivals Manchester City.


Even The Athletic reported the other day that Real Madrid is leading the race. But Manchester City wants to be a part of it and will battle with the Spanish squad until the end of the season. The Norwegian international Erling Haaland has said on several occasions that he would prefer a transfer to Real Madrid above a move to any other club, including Manchester City.

What will the situation be like in the summer?

Due to the sheer talent that Haaland has, it is a deal that the higher-ups at Real will be unable to turn their back on. There is sufficient evidence to support the assertion that the club is in desperate need of the Norwegian. By bringing him in, Real Madrid will be able to address one of their most serious flaws, which is a lack of goal-scoring alternatives.

Speaking of the fit, while it is always an important discussion, Haaland will easily take over as the primary striker. That is after Benzema steps down whenever he determines that it is the appropriate time to. The front three would then be complete after Haaland takes over. The team would be in good shape. If Kylian Mbappe does sign, he would make an excellent trio alongside Vinicius Jr and Erling Haaland.


The fans would be hoping without hope that Florentino Perez has a few surprises in store for us over the summer months. To be honest, so many different stories, all say the same thing. It is safe to conclude that Real Madrid will be the favourites to sign Erling Haaland for the next season in Spain.


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