Eric Bailly Openly Challenged Ole Gunnar Solskjaer After Defeat Against Leicester City

Harry Maguire has not been himself ever since his return from an injury against Leicester City as he has been exceptionally sluggish and has shown zero awareness about his surroundings.


It was his lackluster attitude in the dying embers of the game against Leicester City that cost Manchester United heftily as the hosts managed to ravage United, thanks to two late strikes.

The Harry Maguire conundrum

Even against Atalanta, Maguire seemed completely off despite scoring the equalizer of the night. When Liverpool came knocking, Maguire seemed totally obliterated by the blistering brilliance of Salah.


Honestly, going by the showdowns of Maguire, it is clearly evident that the United skipper is not his complete potential and his injuries haven’t healed completely which is impacting his performances drastically.

However, post the Devils’ fiasco against Liverpool, defender Eric Bailly went ballistic and blasted Ole Solskjaer for his non-sensical tactics and also giving extremely limited time to a few players.

This is what Eric Bailly had to say about Ole

Bailly was heard citing, “You won’t find one player who doesn’t like Ole personally, he’s a nice guy. but we are at a stage where the players are losing faith in their tactics and losing faith in playing time.”


There are four concerns that have come up recently and they go by “tactical acumen, selections, reluctance to make big decisions and indulgence of underperforming players and star names”.

Going by the reports, Eric Bailly openly challenged Solskjaer for picking an unfit Maguire instead of him. In the entire season, he has been picked just once and this is indeed frustrating for a quality player like Eric Bailly.

It isn’t just Eric Bailly who has been angry on Ole but players like Van De Beek and Paul Pogba have also expressed dissatisfaction about Ole’s flawed plans and consistent debacles in the last few games despite a posse of heavyweight names.


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