Cristiano Ronaldo Shares A Heartwarming Tweet With Pop-Singer Pink That Wins Over The Internet

We are all aware of the philanthropic side of Cristiano Ronaldo and the kind of charity work that he does from his staggering income. He gave voice to this belief again as he recently answered a call of charity from pop singer, Pink.


Ronaldo was instrumental in rattling the deadlock against Villareal as Manchester United sailed hammer and tongs to the second round of the UCL. He hasn’t really been savouring a great time in the Premier League as United is simply unable to arrest their downward momentum.

A glimpse at the conversation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Pink

Only time shall tell if the appointment of Ralf Rangnick as the interim manager would help Manchester United’s cause. However, there is a probability that Ronaldo may have to sit out for a while considering the fact that Rangnick is the professor of gegenpressing and he will need super-fast and high-intensity players instead of seasoned finishers to indoctrinate Manchester with this philosophy.


With all said and done, there was a recent Tweet exchange between Pink and Cristiano Ronaldo that grabbed the eyeballs of the world for all the right reasons.

Pink took to Twitter, citing, “Hey Cristiano I’m sponsoring a couple of kids this year for Xmas that want nothing else besides one of your jerseys. They don’t have much- but I’m determined to make this happen. Fancy sending me a couple and changing their lives? I know you do wonderful things all the time, but…”

Ronaldo responded by quoting, “Hi Pink – am happy to help – I will organize some signed shirts for these kids no problem. Congratulations on making this happen!”



It isn’t just the heroics of Cristiano Ronaldo on the field that make him an icon and an inspiration for thousands. The charitable sides of Ronaldo are equally beautiful as he likes to fill the lives of young and needy kids with smiles that would go a long way in their lives.


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