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‘Accept It Or That’s The End’-Barcelona Presents A Final Offer And Deadline To Ousmane Dembele

Despite the abundance of rumours that have circulated over the last several months, the situation of Ousmane Dembele’s future has not been clarified, and there is only one week left before June comes to a close.


Dembele is on vacation in the United States right now, and Barcelona has already made their last offer for a contract extension, but the two parties have not yet agreed.

According to a recent report from COPE, Barcelona is said to have requested that Ousmane Dembele rethink his position and accept the club’s existing terms and conditions. In addition, the Catalans have conveyed to the winger that this will be the last offer made by the club.


As Barcelona looks to move on and step up their attempts to find a replacement for Dembele, it is not anticipated that the Blaugrana would make a better offer if Dembele continues to reject the conditions that have been presented to him.

Because Xavi Hernandez thinks so highly of Dembele, he has expressed his wish to maintain his relationship with the French player. The coach of Barcelona has personally spoken with the winger and urged him to concede for him to continue playing at Camp Nou.

Will Ousmane Dembele stay at Barcelona?

Despite this, there is a significant gap between what the Dembele camp is hoping for and what Barcelona is ready to provide. There is no way that the player will accept the present conditions that are being given, particularly because he is aware that he may earn far more lucrative terms somewhere else.


That is where Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain come into the picture, as the two clubs have shown interest in signing the former Dortmund prodigy before the start of the new season.

PSG may give up their chase of Dembele now that Luis Campos has been named the club’s sports director, but a transfer to Chelsea is still on the table for Dembele, and Thomas Tuchel is allegedly interested in reuniting with his former player.

However, as the two sides have not yet agreed, Dembele will continue to face an unclear future soon. When the winger’s current contract at Camp Nou officially comes to an end in one week, the whole issue is going to have a much better idea of where it stands.


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