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Sergio Busquets’ Barcelona Future Takes A Swift Turn – This Is Going To Be Huge

Barcelona News Transfer: Not just during the next summer but also during the summer of 2023, when numerous older players are anticipated to move on, Barcelona has a major challenge ahead of them in terms of structuring their team.


According to La Vanguardia, one of them might be Sergio Busquets. It looks like the midfielder does not want to extend his current contract. It will be up for renewal after the next season.

Since 2006, Busquets has been a member of the Barcelona squad. The midfielder has played in over 700 matches in a competitive setting for Barcelona. However, the midfielder has intentions to quit the club in 2023 and start a new chapter playing in Major League Soccer. His career at Barcelona has spanned over a decade. But it may come to an end then.


Given the current economic crisis, Barcelona is said to have intentions to further reduce the wage of the team’s older players. This revelation comes at a time when such rumours are circulating. It is not surprising that the players, notably Busquets, have given off the impression that they are particularly concerned about the upcoming wage cut.

As a result of this, the midfielder will not be extending his contract with Barcelona and instead will go to Major League Soccer after the next season. He is considering making the switch to the Inter Miami team, which is co-owned by David Beckham.

Barcelona News Transfer: Will Busquets leave?

Even Lionel Messi is said to be interested in purchasing some stake in the Major League Soccer team before officially joining the club. His current contract at PSG is set to end in 2023 as well. There is speculation that he and his old colleague from Barcelona, might be reunited in Miami during the summer of 2023.


It is anticipated that neither one of them will have any problem acclimating to life in Miami, either linguistically or culturally, due to the significant Hispanic population that already resides there.

In the meantime, Barcelona has begun making preparations to replace Busquets the next summer. But they have been informed that their top transfer target, Martin Zubimendi, would cost them sixty million euros.

Ruben Neves, a Wolves midfielder who is looking to go to the next level in his career, is the second player that Barca is really interested in signing.


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