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Javier Tebas Has Decided To Help Barcelona With The Economic Crisis On Only One Condition

Barcelona News: There is no sign of an end to Barcelona’s financial issues. So, increasing amounts of pressure are being put on the club’s president, Joan Laporta, to find answers as quickly as is humanly feasible, in time for the forthcoming transfer window.


As things are, the club is amid significant financial difficulties and has a negative pay margin. It was hypothesized that the issues may be fixed by selling a portion of Barca Studios and Barca Licensing & Merchandise (BLM). However, up to this point, no significant headway has been achieved in this endeavor.

Barcelona’s endorsement of the CVC transaction presents them with yet another opportunity to extricate themselves from their current predicament and emerge victorious.


According to a report by RAC1, the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, committed to Barcelona that he would assist the club with their problems with the wage cap and change it according to the club’s requirements if Barcelona completed the CVC deal.

The report adds that there had been progress made in discussions regarding an agreement for the TV rights transaction and that this information was included in the report.

Tebas’s offer, on the other hand, came with the stipulation that Barcelona had to make a public statement distancing themselves from the contentious European Super League concept before he would keep his word.


Barcelona News: Will Javier Tebas help Barcelona?

Barça, Real Madrid, and Juventus are the only teams still affiliated with the much-derided Super League proposal. Despite the way things played out the previous time around, the three clubs are getting ready to restart the tournament with a different set of rules this time around.

And Tebas, who has been critical of the project from the moment it was conceptualized, wants Barcelona to distance itself from the Super League and finalize the CVC agreement. Then, and only then, would he be willing to help the club with their salary cap problems.

A move of this kind is quite unlikely to be favourably received by Barcelona. There has already been some tension between Tebas and Laporta. It will be fascinating to watch how the president of the Catalan club reacts to the condition that was set by the head of La Liga.


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