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5 Famous Cricketers favourite Football players

Nowadays, sports is taken into account as a catalyst for the youth. Especially football, which features a large fanbase. A few of the individuals have inspired a whole country with their awe-inspiring presentations. Even though cricket doesn’t have the recognition of football all around the world, it’s not in need of influential stories. Several players have stimulated the upcoming stars to choose the game as their passion.


Especially within the last twenty years, tons of cricketers have made it to the large stage by idolizing their sporting heroes. Many cricketers have found their motivation from famous football stars. Even though Cricket is very different from football, their passion and determination have made them become successful in their game.
Let us check out 5 Famous Cricketers favourite Football players:

1. Virat Kohli – Cristiano Ronaldo

The cricketing society is running short of adjectives to elucidate the sheer domination of Virat Kohli on the field. With his aggression, he has redefined the finesse of the gentlemen’s game. He has set new goals for the upcoming talents. Kohli has turned out to be a role model for the youth in and around the world.


Since his debut, he has been constantly breaking batting records; within a decade, he has risen up to an elite panel. In addition to his success, he has also taken Indian cricket to an unbelievable level. His leadership qualities are commendable. Seeing his thirst and devotion for cricket, it shouldn’t come as astonishment that he’s a fanatical follower of footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese star is one among the best sportspersons of this century. His diligence and fitness regime has swayed his fans, including Virat. The Indian skipper has repeatedly confirmed that Ronaldo has encouraged him. Recently he appeared on-screen with Ronaldo, in an American Tourister commercial, which surely was a fanboy moment for Kohli.

2. AB de Villiers – Lionel Messi

If one has got to coin a nickname for Ab De Villiers it has got to be ” Alien ” as he presents dope, cricketing action at it’s best with the purest form. The South African cricketer has redefined batting. Such is his boldness that the audience breaks into waves of cheering, even he’s representing the opposition camp.


De Villiers, a rare batsman, can send shivers down the spine of even the best bowlers. His appearance on the field will always end up in creating awe-struck moments, whether it’s his excellent hitting or athletic fielding. He has unvaryingly entertained the audience, much like his favourite football star, Lionel Messi. Both of these exceptional talents are considered to be “Aliens” in their own fields.

With his finesse and style, the Argentinian is believed to be a magician within the football field. Even if his rivals’ net the same number of goals, he will always rule the roost owing with his supreme footballing skills. He possesses many admirers, including De Villiers. Villiers has said that Messi plays the sport with the right spirit and has the capability to win games solitarily for his side.

3. Jofra Archer – Wayne Rooney

In the past few months, the cricketer who has been appearing on the front pages is Jofra Archer. From his World Cup heroics to Ashes’ triumph, the fast-bowler has taken massive strides in his short international period. He has been coined as the next generation megastar who is predicted to hold the load of the English bowling group.


Jofra Archer has shown immense promise, he is a person who likes to stay within the thick of things. As stated by him it’s a top-quality which he has developed from his childhood star, Wayne Rooney.

Wayne Rooney is one of the best strikers the country has produced. In his prime, he was a goal-scoring engine. He used to tear apart the attacks from defence, and it enthralled Archer in his young days. Shockingly, Archer became Rooney’s fan from Play station. His shooting skills along with his highest rating in the game of FIFA impressed the fast-bowling idol.

4. Rohit Sharma – David Beckham

There are batsmen who can pile up centuries with their fortitude and grit. Then there’s Rohit Sharma, who can stack on double centuries smoothly. The Mumbaikar’s batting grace personifies the artistic aspect of cricket. He’s a talent who will always have a distinct place within the hearts of the cricketing community.


Hitman might not be the prime candidate in terms of the complete batsman, but a number of his shots are often documented and played on a loop. Specifically, his range hitting in white-ball cricket is nothing less than a spectacle. Sharma is praised for his stylish striking, like his favourite football star, David Beckham.

During his legacy, the Englishman was one among the most crazed after in the sporting world. His captivating personality and on-field skills fascinated fans around the globe, and one among them was Rohit. Over time, he has shown full support for Real Madrid, where Beckham has expended a number of the golden days of his career.

5. Ravichandran Ashwin – Diego Maradona

India has constantly been the abode to world-class spinners, and Ravichandran Ashwin is definitely on the peak of that list. The Chennai cricketer is understood for producing pricky variations within traditional off-spin bowling. Although he has faced tons of criticism for his fickleness, he has also found victory with his methods. This resulted in gaining over 500 international wickets.


With Ashwin on the field, the fans are often sure of exciting cricket. He is regarded highly amongst his peers. A sensible cricketing brain is his biggest missile, and it’s equally complimented by his deep self-belief. He’s a player who remains unfazed in difficult situations. It’s a characteristic he believes he has picked up from his hero, the Argentinian legend, Diego Maradona.

The short-statured footballer defied all the chances to etch his name within the history of football. His antagonistic playmaking skills are a part of folklore; it charmed Ashwin in his youth. In one of Ashwin’s interviews, he has established that Maradona is his favourite footballer. He also added that he had lost some admiration for him after his controversial choices, but still always admired his craftsmanship.



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