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Watch: Aaron Ramsdale Hugs Bernd Leno In An Emotionally Charged Moment

Bernd Leno and Aaron Ramsdale: A brotherhood forged in heaven – After a slow start to the season, it seems that all the stars have finally started aligning for Arsenal as they managed to wring out a fine win against Aston Villa in the latter’s backyard. It needed some resolute defending, in the end, to bail them out as the hosts started pressing harder.


Before the game started, there were a couple of reasons for Arteta to frown about as their last guard of the Citadel, Aaron Ramsdale was sidelined with a muscle injury. They were also without the likes of Gabriel Martinelli as he was suffering from illness.

Bernd Leno produced the hand of God moment at Villa Park

With Ramsdale out of the equation, Arteta turned to Bernd Leno to shoulder the onus of keeping their fortress and the German custodian proved to be equal to the herculean task as he posed himself as Gandalf between the Villa tanks and the Arsenal goal.


As the game ventured into the final moments of madness, Aston Villa got more and more desperate to find an outlet. With 5 minutes to go McGinn had the net in his sights but his stinging essay sailed over the woodwork much to Arteta’s relief as Leno ensured that even if the ball dipped, he had it well covered.

Just when it felt that the travails of Villa Park are over for Arsenal, silly defending from the Gunners allowed Aston Villa to come up with a free-kick from a menacing distance. Coutinho stepped up for it and put in a vicious swing as his effort was almost swirling into the net at the far post.

Moments before the Villa supporters erupted into a delirious frenzy of ecstasy, a reliable hand of trust came lunging through and palmed the Nike Flight to safety, rather an Arsenal loyalist would say that it was parried into the glimmering land of hope where the Gunners can rejoice for the night.


As soon as the final whistle blew, Arsenal’s most trusted man this season, Aaron Ramsdale ran to the pitch to hug Leno in an embrace that screamed love, affection and brotherhood, qualities that have lifted the Gunners to a position that almost seemed impossible after a string of woeful displays at the start.



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