Three Worst Players As Arsenal Lose To Everton

Scoring a goal and sitting back to defend can never help a team win a game, though it is exactly what Arsenal has been doing in recent weeks. Especially, when the team is away on their travels and need to be on top of their game. Also, when it is a game at a stadium like Goodison Park, the pressure of the fans is just intense. Though the fans may not have had the back of Rafa Benitez at the start, his players did.


After conceding the first goal towards the end of the first half, Everton did not have luck go their way on a couple of occasions. They fought really hard to make an impact. They kept pushing to get back into the game. Things did not seem to be going their way initially. However, a hard-fought second half did the trick for them.

What seemed to be a lost cause, was refilled with life once Richarlison finally scored an equalizer on his third attempt. This made the scoreline 1-1 in the 79th minute. It was a brilliant header after a shot by Demarai Gray hit the cross-bar.


Arsenal centre-back Ben White gave him another chance to take a similar shot right before the end of the match. A newly reformed Gray, who has miraculously sprung to prominence, did not disappoint yet again. His shot from the left rattled off the right post and into the back of the net, with Ramsdale being a mere spectator.

The game and the cause that was once lost was now back on track again. Everton had won their first game since September and Benitez had found his ray of hope to reboot his career at the club. What a win!!

Three Worst Arsenal Performances vs Everton :



3. Gabriel Martinelli –

After the two brilliant performances seen in the last couple of games, this was expected to be Martinelli’s big chance to get amongst the goals and the assists. However, things did not go as per his plan for sure. The player who was one of the best-attacking outlets in the last couple of games was completely “Invisible” in this one.

In the absence of Smith Rowe, the Gunners looked lacklustre and it was up to the players to make an impact. Despite all the praises and hype from the fans in the past few weeks, it just did not work out for the Brazilian. He was more or less anonymous in this match, something that the fans never saw coming. Not a pleasant sight for the fans at all.


2. Ben White –

Could be blamed for both the goals, as the initial shots came from his side. Ben White was not quick enough to close down Demarai Gray for either of the two goals and it cost the team. The second goal seemed to be, more or less a replay of the first and the fans were not impressed by the complacent nature of defending.

When the team needed character and a solid defensive showing at the Merseyside, White was just not up for it. He let the team down and though his overall game was not too bad, his errors cost the team when it really mattered. A couple of good early tackles in and the damage could surely have been avoided.


1. Alexandre Lacazette –

Brought into the team on public demand to replace the out-of-form Aubameyang. However, the story wasn’t really too different and he looked ambiguous right through. His minor contributions to the attack or the link-up play were rather ineffective and there was barely any hold-up play that was on display.

With zero effectivity in the opposition box and no aerial threat, Lacazette could barely prove his worth. To add to that, he ran like a tired striker and was a liability for the team, more often than not. Not a sight that the Arsenal fans would have wanted to see, in a game that they would have wanted all three points for.


To add to that, Eddie Nketiah and Aubameyang were also really poor for the limited time that they were on the pitch, both missing one good chance each. Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta now has to decide, which “lesser worse” striker does he play from this point on. As each of his strikers is costing him some crucial points. Let’s wait and watch!!


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