Thomas Tuchel Urges His Attackers To Follow Cristiano Ronaldo’s Footsteps

Thomas Tuchel and his wisdom: In football, things rarely go as planned. The randomness and chaos of the beautiful game catch up to you no matter how well you plan. So, what separates a great strategist from a good one is one’s ability to keep the room for error within the plan with the expectation of the plan not going according to the plan.


Thomas Tuchel has established himself as one of the best strategists in the modern game and his heroics since his appointment as the Chelsea manager have proved so. But things didn’t go as expected last night when his team failed to register a win against Manchester United at Old Trafford. The Chelsea attackers failed to capitalise on the opportunities they got and that haunted them at the full time.

After going up early in the second half, the Blues conceded within a few minutes and eventually settled for a draw. Mason Mount, Kai Havertz and Timo Werner – all three of Chelsea’s attacking trio missed easy chances and subsequently, that became a huge talking point for the post-match conference.


This is what Thomas Tuchel had to say after the Manchester United game

When asked about his team’s misfiring frontline, Tuchel addressed the fact that all three of Chelsea’s starting attackers last night are young and still have a lot to learn. Kai Havertz is facing a dip in form after enjoying a successful few weeks in front of the goal. Werner had an off night yesterday and Mount’s form as a goal scorer has been quite inconsistent.

While talking about whether or not they can look up to anyone to draw inspiration, Tuchel said, “I think many players can look up to the quality, attitude and career of Ronaldo”. Ironically, it was Ronaldo who scored the equaliser against Chelsea and this moment once again showed the class of Thomas Tuchel to admire the greatness of even his rival players. A star in the game, the Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is an inspiration to many. His work ethic and dedication are still unmatched and if the Chelsea attackers learn quickly and promptly, they may secure another silverware by the end of this season.



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