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The Yellow Submarine Sinks The Old Lady As UCL 2022 Stays Witness To First Major Upset

Only if Juventus knew what was coming, they would have made a couple of more preparations for the imminent landslide. In a shocking development, the Italian giants were knocked out of the European hunt for glory, thanks to an emphatic display from the Yellow Submarines.


It was a tale of two contrasting halves as the opening one belonged to the Old Lady while the following one was wrested by the Spaniards. As early as 11 minutes in the game, Juventus had the first positive chance of the night when Morata was denied by Rulli’s fine save.

The story of the night that would witness Juventus crashing out of the UCL

Juventus would consider themselves unfortunate as around the 21st-minute mark, Vlahovic’s sizzling effort kissed the woodwork in its flight path, leaving the Bianconeri lamenting another wasted chance.


Vlahovic had another opportunity to secure the lead but his impromptu nod was denied by Rulli with another impressive save, making the night his own.

In the first half, it was a stuttering story of Villareal scrambling desperately to keep the scoreboard intact while the second offered a glimpse into madness.

As the game was lulling into a promise of extra-time, Coquelin took a fancy tumble as Rugani’s debatable tackle made the referee point to spot. Gerard Moreno stepped up to the spot and smashed home a fierce penalty to draw first blood.


The game was put beyond Juventus’ reach as Aurier’s flick into the blender was prodded home by Pau Torres, making it 2-0 on the night and propelling the aggregate to 3-1.

If the second of the night was a poke in the eye of the Old Lady, showing glaring frailty in their rearguard, Mathias de Ligt’s handball inside the box gave another opportunity for the Submarines to impose further chagrin on an already ailing and furious Juve.

Arnaut Danjuma was the man this time to smash home the penalty this time and penning the first major upset of the ongoing Champions League.


This tournament has previously seen countless giants fall and Gods being slain, while the latest chapter of a fairy tale was scribed by the unlikely Villareal who were tipped to crash out of the tournament after the opening leg of the contest that witnessed Juventus ruling the roost with an iron fist despite the scores being locked at an impasse.



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