Serge Gnabry Left A Message For Arsenal That Would Make The Fans Happy

Serge Gnabry is a an absolute wonder for Bayern

In a piece of news that would light up the hearts of the Arsenal fans, Bayern Munich sensation, Serge Gnabry clarified that if he ever returns to the Premier League, Arsenal will be the favourites to land him.


He was a part of the Premier League for a season in which he starred for Arsenal however, the numbers weren’t impressive enough for the Gunners. From the eleven appearances that he featured in, he managed to bag a solitary goal.

Gnabry’s preceding legacy for Arsenal

The average of 0.09 goals per game wasn’t great enough for the Gunners to keep the kid when Werder Bremen came calling. That is exactly when the unravelling of the kid’s sensational football abilities happened.


Playing for Bremen, Gnabry fired a decent 11 goals and the kind of football that he played, sparked interest from Bayern Munich.

Though the initial two seasons were spent on loan by Gnabry at Hoffenheim, when he came back, he was altogether an unstoppable force at the heart of Allianz Arena.

He started scoring for fun and from the 93 appearances that he has had for Bayern, he has managed to blast 35 netters alongside the menacing brand of football that he has played.


He was also crucial in Bayern’s European triumph in 2019-20 as he ran riot against illustrious positions with absolute screamers.

This is what Serge Gnabry had to say when asked about England

He was asked recently that is there a chance of him returning to England and even if he did, which team would he like to play.

He made his intentions absolutely clear as he quoted, “They (Arsenal) would be the favourites.”



Arsenal had an abysmal start to the season as they were humbled by a newly-promoted Brentford. However, things blew out of proportion when Chelsea and Manchester City humbled them without any ado at all.

However, their last two matches have promised them a lot of hope as they have managed to best Norwich City and Burnley in two closely-contested encounters.



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