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Five Players With The Highest Number Of Goals In One Season In Serie A

Football is ruled by randomness – the sort of randomness that makes the managers question their process of preparation, the sort of randomness that at times shatters the hearts of one fanbase and fill the others’ with joy. At the centre of it all stands goals – the decider of fate. We look at five players with the highest number of goals in one season in Serie A.


Sometimes luck contributes the most in chances of getting converted into a goal but mostly, it all comes down to preparation. The only other factor that stands alongside these two is a quality goal scorer. A world-class striker or winger can help his team win games week in week out in the modern-day. This is why goal scorers are so coveted in this beautiful game.

One of the names that have surfaced quite frequently in this past few months is Dusan Vlahovic. He has recently equalled Cristiano Ronaldo’s record of 33 goals in a calendar year after his goal against Sassuolo.


His impressive form has linked him with some of the heavyweights of world football. That list includes the names of Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus etc. Well, he was not the first one to score 33 Serie A goals in a calendar year, here are Five players with the highest number of goals in one season in Serie A –

#1 Felice Borel

In 1933, the Italian legend Felice Borel was the first one to score 33 Serie A goals in a calendar year while playing for Juventus. His time at the club saw the team lifting the domestic league title three consecutive times with him ending the season as the league’s top scorer twice in those three years.

#2 Gunnar Nordahl

After eight seasons at AC Milan, Gunnar Nordahl scored 210 league goals in 257 games. In his ten seasons in Italy, he finished the season as the top scorer on five occasions. In 1950, he equalled Borel’s record and helped the team win Serie A and also the Latin Cup.


#3 Omar Sivori

Yet another Juventus legend to make the list is Omar Sivori. In 1961, he achieved this feat as Juve went on to win the league for two consecutive seasons – first in 1959/60 season and then in 1960/61 season. His endeavours were respected and credited well around the world as he was awarded his first and only Ballon d’Or that year.

#4 Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s name is synonymous with the abolition and establishment of records. He matched these legends the previous year after scoring 33 goals in 29 Serie A games in a year. He helped the team lift the domestic league title in the 2019/20 season and guided them to lifting the Supercoppa Italiana in 2020.  Ronaldo was also named Serie A Footballer of the Year for his impressive achievements in 2020.


#5 Dusan Vlahovic

Just a year from that, we are now witnessing the rise of another star as the 21-year old Dusan Vlahovic registered 33 goals in Serie A in 42 games in 2021. The world of football will now be eager to see how far this Serbian youngster can go in future. Arsenal are looking to bring him to Premier League. As finish looking at Five players with the highest number of goals in one season in Serie A



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