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Five Manchester United Players With The Highest Number Of UEFA Champions League Appearances

Manchester United and its UCL appearances: Football has many sides to it. Along with the innocence and struggles, the game also presents us with glamour and that we can not deny. The glamour of this sport aspire many kids to train under difficult circumstances and go all-in at any cost because for them football is a ticket to a better life altogether.


One of the most charming sides of football has to be the European competitions and the UEFA Champions League stands above all. The midweek late-night matches of this tournament remain talking points for the viewers for the rest of their week. The fans of the game find time out of their busy schedule only to watch the teams play in this glorious tournament.

The popularity of this competition has helped all the participating teams gain more fan following all around the world. So, the top teams in the world target to play in this tournament every single season. The top teams require top players to achieve that and Manchester United has also done the same over the years. Here are five Manchester United players with the highest number of UEFA Champions League appearances –


#1 Cristiano Ronaldo (181 Appearances):

Often regarded as the Mr Champions League for his heroics and achievements in the tournament, Cristiano Ronaldo is both the highest-ever appearance maker and the highest ever goalscorer in the tournament’s history. He has made 57 appearances in the tournament as a Manchester United player and has scored 22 goals wearing the Red Devils jersey. With five titles besides his name, he is undoubtedly the best ever player to grace UEFA Champions League.

#2 Ryan Giggs (141 Appearances):

A through and through Manchester United legend made all his appearances in the Champions League for his boyhood club. During his time in the competition, he scored 28 goals and provided 47 assists – one of the most productive offensive players to ever play in the tournament without a doubt.

#3 Paul Scholes, Zlatan Ibrahimović and Gerard Piqué (124 Appearances):

Amongst these three only Paul Scholes made all of his UEFA Champions League appearances while playing for Manchester United. In 124 appearances, he lifted the trophy twice after registering 34 goal contributions throughout his journey.


Zlatan Ibrahimović has represented 7 teams in this competition thus far and only made one Champions League appearance during his time at Manchester United. He has 48 goals and 28 assists in the tournament over the course of his career.

Gerard Piqué is one of the major miss-outs in the history of the club as he made only four Champions League appearances for Manchester United before moving to FC Barcelona to help them build a dynasty. He has won the competition thrice and is regarded as one of the best players ever to play in the tournament.


#4 Gary Neville (109 Appearances):

The English right-back was part of the illustrations batch of 1992 and made his debut in this competition in 1993. In his career in this tournament spanning nearly two decades, he has lifted the trophy twice, once in 1999 and then in 2008.

#5 Patrice Evra (108 Appearances):

The Frenchman made the majority of his appearances in the UEFA Champions League while playing for Manchester United. He made his debut in the competition as an AS Monaco player before moving to Manchester. He was an integral part of United’s Champions League-winning run in 2008. He made the rest of his appearances in the tournament for Juventus and also helped them reach the 2015 UEFA Champions League final.


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