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Dinamo Bucharest Becomes The Burning Torch In This Time of Need

“Being a good man is something is you do, not something you are”, these words of Luvvie Ajayi are applicable to everyone irrespective of their gender and background. In a chaotic society, people have stopped treating each other with empathy and compassion yet everyone wants to be treated with those. During these times, humanity always needs someone from the outside to hold the burning torch of togetherness high enough for the rest of the world to see. One of those instances came from a football club called Dinamo Bucharest.


Dinamo Bucharest, one of the most successful Romanian clubs, is a name that is unheard for many football fans around the globe. Since its creation back in 1948, the club has won 18 domestic league titles and 13 domestic cups. Alongside this, they became the first-ever Romanian club to play in the semi-final of the European Cup.

This is what the Dinamo Bucharest fans did in times of need

The good times faced a hit when the club changed ownership in 2013. Their period of bad results started and it affected their financial stability. The club underwent a change in ownership once again in 2020 but the results have not improved drastically.


All these although has taken nothing back from the club’s rich history and the club’s off the field endeavours and their fans’ constant support are proofs of that. Two such instances were witnessed last year.

The first one was witnessed in July 2021 when the club decided to include the names of their fans who financially helped them in their shirt. Dinamo Bucharest was struggling to sustain itself financially and needed help from its fans. The supporters rose up to the occasion as 2000 of them donated €490 each to help their team. The club officials then paid them back by mentioning the names of each of those 2000 people in their new club shirts.

A small gesture like that surely won the hearts of many as the photos went viral on social media. During this time of pandemic when a lot of clubs were having to sell their assets to sustain themselves and many were dissolved, this effort from Dinamo fans was much appreciated by the fans around the world.


The second instance was seen a few months later in September. The club has a long history of standing beside and helping stray animals; dogs in particular. Dinamo Bucharest even has the images of two dogs in their logo – further showcasing the club’s efforts to help out those in need. They started a project named ‘Fill the void in your life’ to help the stray dogs as the players carried dogs onto the field. The aim was to help find the dogs new homes.

Their effort was again cheered by the people attending the game and when the pictures of this incident were uploaded on social media, the football lovers also voiced their support in favour of Dinamo Bucharest.

It has been a few years since the world has succumbed to the cruelty of the pandemic. Many people have lost their close ones, their jobs, their hope and strength for carrying on. So, their endeavours from a football club hopefully have restored faith in their hearts and have made them believe that we are still in this together and no one has to suffer alone anymore.


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