Cristiano Ronaldo Beats Messi On Instagram With This Adorable Post

When Lionel Messi left Barcelona to join PSG, there was a lot of chaos all around. The buzz was absolutely insane and the kind of madness that followed was unreal.


That however wasn’t the end of chaos in one of the craziest transfer windows of all time. This was followed by another colossal move that involved Cristiano Ronaldo returning to his former club, Manchester United. Moves like these do not come silently. They come with pomp and vigour that is unparalleled.

The chaos that engulfed the latest post of Ronaldo

The likes and the engagements deluged on every single social media platform and it seemed that what Messi created for PSG was eclipsed by Cristiano Ronaldo’s dramatic move to Old Trafford.


In the volley of records that these two athletes set one after the other, every single feat feels like a celebration. In the latest contest of likes on social media, Cristiano Ronaldo thumped Lionel Messi once again.

As per the latest update, Ronaldo trumped over Messi in the most liked Instagram post where he was pictured alongside his wife, Georgina and his four kids. The post also mentioned that he and Georgina were expecting twins.

In the picture where Ronaldo and Georgina smiled alongside the kids with Ron holding up the scan of his forthcoming kids. In less than 24 hours, the picture garnered 26 million likes.


The picture that was beaten by Ronaldo witnessed Messi in it posing next to the Copa America trophy. The post had 21.9 million likes while Messi moving to PSG had 21.2 million likes.

The latest assignments of CR7 and Messi

Messi was involved in a weekend clash against defending champions Lille where they were a goal down and pumped two in the second half to surge ahead.

Ronaldo scored an absolute screamer in his respective clash against Tottenham Hotspur. The duo has been setting individual benchmarks for a while now and continues extending their legacy beyond the expected.



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