Chelsea Legend John Terry Applauds Kai Havertz’s Effort In The Must-Win Game

John Terry heaped heartwarming praises for Havertz: Everything in this world gets balanced by its counter and equal force. That is why where there is sanity and order, insanity and disorder are set to prevail to balance it out. The intent of maintaining peace all over the world thus also gets balanced out by war and cruelty.


Just like the good, the bad also impacts a population, not only the ones who are the source of it. Thus a war brings on catastrophes of scale that sometimes can not be tackled and avoided. The recent war between Ukraine and Russia has brought on disastrous outcomes on the people involved and living in those regions. But sometimes the flame of destruction reaches far apart and the recent situation regarding Chelsea is one of the many examples of that.

The London-based club is currently struggling to stay on the surface as its owner Roman Abramovic’s suspected connection with the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has put the club under the pressure of the United Kingdom government. Amidst all the chaos, Chelsea, its manager, fans and spectators are not willing to back down.


The team is on a 5-match winning run in the Premier League and it has pushed them massively in the top 4 race of the league as the Blues are now third on the table and at a very comfortable position in the league.

Their recent home win against Newcastle United may prove to become one of the most important wins for them this season. The club is put on sale, the people associated with the club don’t have much clarity on their future and in the midst of these, a late winner at home against a team enjoying a 9-match unbeaten run was pure joy.

John Terry was delighted with Kai Havertz’s passion for the Blues

The in-form German attacker Kai Havertz put the diagonal pass from Jorginho in the opposition net at the 89th minute of the match after a display of sublime control and thereafter, Stamford Bridge erupted. This brought joy to the former club captain John Terry too as he later tweeted saying, “What a touch, what a finish”. He also appreciated the pass from the Italian midfielder and the atmosphere at the Bridge.



In this time of difficulty, the fans finally have some hope as one takeover bid has arrived from an interested buyer but the deal is pretty complicated as things stand. There is still no assurance on whether this bid will even be accepted or not but this has been the most optimistic thing for the spectators in the last few days. So, this Havertz winning goal may well become the start of a bright future.


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