“Turkish flag will be flown in London soon,” Turkish tycoon Muhsin Bayrak makes an offer to Roman Abramovich to buy Chelsea

Roman Abramovich has got a couple of other offers on the table too and he will make his decision soon

A story from The Guardian claims that Muhsin Bayrak has confirmed his interest in becoming a shareholder in Chelsea Football Club. His interest in purchasing the west London establishment is said to have been confirmed by a spokesperson who said, “Yes, we certainly confirm. We have conveyed our offer to them in regards to this matter. The Turkish flag will be flown in London soon,” Bayrak had previously said to the Turkish media.


The Turkish business billionaire has become the latest individual to show interest in purchasing Chelsea Football Club, which was put up for sale by owner Roman Abramovich amid escalating threats from the United Kingdom government. Roman Abramovich was very close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In his present position as the head of the AB construction company, Muhsin Bayrak is an accomplished businessman. Aside from cryptocurrencies, he has dabbled in a variety of other fields such as tourism and energy production. He is estimated to have a net worth of around £8 billion, which is somewhat less than Abramovich’s alleged net worth of £10 billion.


Roman Abramovich is looking to sell Chelsea because of Russia-Ukraine conflict

After placing the Chelsea Football Cup up for sale, Roman Abramovich is now attempting to sell his shares in the club as swiftly as possible, while the United Kingdom government conducts its investigation into his financial dealings with the club. However, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently revealed that the process may take some time and that a British MP has previously petitioned the government to confiscate the assets of the Russian owner.

Should his assets be taken by the government, it seems that Abramovich will not be able to sell Chelsea. A slew of additional issues might arise for the football club as a result of this decision.

According to recent rumours, the Russian tycoon is aiming to sell Chelsea Football Club for as much as £4 billion dollars. Experts, on the other hand, believe it would be very impossible for him to get anything more than £2 billion.


However, although the actual value of Muhsin Bayrak’s offer is yet unknown, he is set to encounter fierce competition in his ambition to become the next owner of the Chelsea Football Club. A public bid has been made by former UFC World Champion Conor McGregor, and it is understood that American businessman Todd Boehly, in association with Swiss entrepreneur Hansjorg Wyss, is in pole position to sign the west London enterprise.


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