Arsenal Player Ratings As The Gunners Lose 3 Crucial Points To Everton

Arsenal taste defeat in yet another game as Mikel Arteta’s men put up a toothless performance which saw them bottle their lead against Everton. This is the second time the Gunners have failed to defend their lead against their opponents, it happened the previous game against Manchester United and it happened again with Everton snatching away 3 points at the brink of the full-time whistle at Goodison Park. This performance has certainly raised a lot of questions regarding a number of players in the team as well as the team management of Mikel Arteta. After a shambolic defeat, we look at the Arsenal player ratings.


Goalkeeper and Defenders:

Aaron Ramsdale – 6/10

Even though he conceded 2 goals, Aaron Ramsdale was pretty much helpless considering he did not have any shot at saving either of the goals scored by Everton. He kept his calm even when players rushed him at him with pace and made some good saves here and there.

Ben White – 4/10

Ben White just could not cope up with Richarlison’s speed and agility and often looked shaky during the game. He also lacked the presence of mind in what was Everton’s second ruled-out goal. Although White did make some crucial blocks and tried to create chances for the forwards, but it just wasn’t enough.


Gabriel – 4/10

Pretty much like his partner, Gabriel did not have the best night at all with both White and Gabriel looking absolutely clueless while running towards their goal. Luck did play its part as two goals were ruled off which played in Arsenal’s favour, else Gabriel and White were to be blamed for both those goals as we look at the Arsenal player ratings.

Kieran Tierney – 7/10

Among the limited Arsenal players tonight who had the intent to get the ball forward and create chances for the team, Kieran Tierney provided a fantastic assist to Odegaard who gave Arsenal the lead. The Scottish left-back was trying his level best to cross the ball in the box to find someone who could have further put the ball in the back of the net.

Tomiyasu – 5/10

Much like all Arsenal defenders, Tomiasyu was all over the place tonight. He was involved in a very controversial decision where Godfrey quite literally stepped on Tomiyasu’s face and was not carded at all. Takehiro looked decent on the ball but lacked the confidence going forward.



Granit Xhaka – 6/10

Making his return to the pitch after 2 long months, it was quite surprising he was in the squad, let alone the starting lineup. Xhaka looked very fatigued after the 70th minute and did not have any intention of passing the ball forward to provide an opportunity to score.

Thomas Partey – 2/10

Yet another awful game from Thomas Partey. The Ghana international looked horrible on the ball as he lost possession a number of times which did not allow Arsenal to attack as freely as they would have wanted. He certainly looked very nervous as he was unable to even carry out simple short passes.

Martin Odegaard – 7/10

Perhaps the only spark in the team came from Martin Odegaard. A moment of brilliance by him and Tierney gave Arsenal their only goal of the night. The Norway captain was the center of the attack for the Gunners as he showed some flashes of excitement.




Gabriel Martinelli – 5/10

Martinelli tried to be lively and boost the morale of the team with his pace and agility but it just wasn’t enough. He was not up there physically and lacked quality in front of the goal, he even tried switching positions as he moved up to the central part of the pitch with Lacazette dropping down. What looked like a muscle injury pushed Martinelli off the pitch in the 70th minute of the game.

Alexandre Lacazette – 4/10

A night to forget for Alexandre Lacazette with no impact from his side for the team whatsoever. When he failed to receive balls at the central position, he often fell deep and tried to play as the number 10 but was not at all effective. He ended the game having 0 shots on target and was eventually subbed off.

Bukayo Saka – 5/10

While a lot happened around Saka in the first 60 minutes of the game, fatigue started to catch him up as looked heavily exhausted later on in the game. He attempted a few take-ons but was not successful. Although, Saka deserved an assist after Eddie Nketiah failed to convert Saka’s fantastic ball inside the box as we look at the Arsenal player ratings.


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