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Arsenal planning to update Emirates Stadium with the new Investment

Arsenal planning to update Emirates Stadium with the new investment so as to compete with their city rival Tottenham. The club has decided to splash huge cash on new updates at the stadium after Sixteen years of its inaugural. The 60,000 seater stadium needs a lot of repairs, including the leaky rooftop and many points of the stadium. The changes won’t just be repairs, but these renovations will include technology upgrades in the stadium.


A thread of updates that were discussed in the Fans Forum

Rooftop, murals outside stadiums and many aspects which require technology overhaul will be taken care of. The new designs and plans for new renovations are to be chosen by both the fan working group and the board together. Besides, the club has also planned to replace banners in and outside the stadium. The club is also looking for a way if they can fix solar panels on the roof. All things considered, the work will take up to ten months. At this point, the cost of renovations hasn’t been quoted. Arsenal planning to update Emirates so as to increase revenue. The following information about the renovation was been given by the CEO Vinai Venkatehsam himself. The club has asked fans to keep pointing out the issues which need to be repaired. The next meeting will be held at the end of the season which will be attended by Josh Kroenke.

The updates coming this summer will be as. They will be replacing both screens, they’ll be bigger and of much higher quality. They will also increase General Admission perch spaces. More updates are planned but haven’t been decided yet and no deadline day is given. The aim of this renovation is to compete against other clubs and improve the fan experience. The plan is to provide state of art facilities at the stadium. Arsenal will publish its financial results in the month of March.


Arsenal is now in the sixth position in the Premier League with fewer games played. They are trying to finish into Top four.


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