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Arsenal Need To Find A Solution To Their Striker Problem; Fans Demand Signings

Arsenal Were Held To A Goalless Draw Against Burnley Which Once Again Highlighted The Need For A Striker

Does Arsenal intend to sign a new player during the January transfer window? The goal has been to reduce the wage bill even more, which has already been accomplished. All this, while still bringing in key talent in the pursuit of a top-four finish in the Premier League. If the club can achieve the goals they have set for themselves, they would have set new ones for the summer. Due to the instability caused by sales, loans, absenteeism and disciplinary concerns, the month of January has suddenly become more important.


However, even though there are issues in midfield, the most crucial part on the pitch still is the centre-forward position. Arsenal’s team can be transformed here more than anywhere else. The team can shift the needle more than anyplace else.

Right through the summer, they have been linked with Dusan Vlahovic’s. More than a want, this is a need. Despite their attempts to complete the transaction and beat the rest of Europe to the punch, their efforts seem to have been in vain. The player wants to wait until the summer to evaluate his alternatives. That is the latest update that has been given.


Vlahovic, Isak, David and Calvert-Lewin are all distinct profiles. Arsenal has a significant striker transfer problem in January that needs to be resolved quickly


If Arsenal is unable to sign their desired player, the other players on the shortlist will be considered: These include the likes of Alexander Isak, Jonathan David and Dominic Calvert-Lewin. This is a group of attackers who would significantly improve the overall quality of the No. 9 position. However, there is one snag in all of this. There is one fairly significant difficulty. They are diametrically opposed to one another.

A centre-forward in every sense of the word, Vlahovic is a standout performer. A powerful No. 9 who loves to charge into the box. He has a strong shot, is big and dominant. To add to that, he drops off to try to link up play when necessary. There are very few analogies to David, except the fact that he has scored a hat-trick this season. That may not be enough to bring him to Arsenal.


The Canadian is a conventional false nine. He is very much in the mould of Alexandre Lacazette, who is most effective when partnered with another attacker to bounce off. This is a great quality that the Gunners need.

When it comes to Isak, he is a prototypical contemporary striker who can play on the shoulder and drift out wide to generate fresh attacking angles. But he is also a technically savvy alternative who enjoys dribbling and picking up various areas. His physical appearance is in no way comparable to the other two.

So, what will the Gunners finally decide; whom will they sign?



Many fans have been enthused by the mention of Calvert-Lewin. Once again we are looking at a centre-forward with a completely different profile than the last one. The Everton striker serves as a focal point in their attack. Some others may also play a similar role, which can be a striker who is a target in the box.

The four profiles are fundamentally different in many ways. Some more so than others suggest that there is a lack of transparency in the recruiting process. Arsenal has a strong interest in Vlahovic. Thus, if they are unsuccessful in their pursuit of him, does this suggest that their next target, say, David, will necessitate a tactical rethink?

When it comes to top attackers in Europe, there are very few who are reachable. Or at the very least within reach of budgets. Having contingency plans is critical, particularly now that the Vlahovic deal seems to be a dead end. If you’re seeking an explanation for the various choices, Arteta may be ready to work around his new striker.


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