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Alan Shearer Believes That Manchester United Is Solely Responsible For Cristiano Ronaldo’s Downfall

Alan Shearer’s digs at Manchester United continue as he believes that the club is penning its own downfall. He defended Cristiano Ronaldo saying that had it not been for the Portuguese sensation, United would have been in a far worse state.


Even though Ronaldo’s recent outings for the club have been pretty eyesore with minimal impact, Alan Shearer had invisible reasons to believe that Ronaldo’s intangible contributions have been the solitary reason for Manchester United to stay afloat in the top four race.

This is what Alan Shearer had to say about Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United

Putting forth a stellar display at the beginning that saw him bagging important netters, his contributions to the club had quite dried up. Especially in the Premier League, he has been frustrated a lot more, often raising his hands in resignation after failing to connect on multiple opportunities.


Alan Shearer, on the contrary, had firm reasons to believe that the club is currently a lowly outfit that should ideally import players from Championship teams instead of landing Portuguese sensations like Ronaldo.

According to Shearer, United is unable to match the high standards that Ronaldo has produced in recent times where he has rained one belter after the other only to be envisaged by the Old Trafford concourse and explode in a delirious frenzy that has seen them prancing to their heart’s content (most likely in their head).

Shearer quoted, “Ronaldo must be thinking; “What have I walked into?” He further added, “He is an unbelievable player – one of the greatest to have ever strode the planet – but he is also 37.”


Alan Shearer further added, “He rallies against being left out or being taken off because the very essence of his make-up is the unparalleled will to win and a determination never to be beaten. He wants to play every single minute of every match and once that attitude goes, Ronaldo goes. But, of course, it also puts pressure on the manager.”

His tirade at Manchester United continued as he further quoted, “I don’t blame Ronaldo for anything that’s going on there. He has every right to believe that if it wasn’t for him they’d be far worse off than they are. He would be correct.”

He simply didn’t just want to stop as he concluded by saying, “Having Ronaldo at the club should be a dream for younger players and if they’re not asking him advice and soaking it all up, then they bloody well should be. For me, it’s a false narrative.”


According to Shearer, Ronaldo is enraged at the chaos that the club is in. Probably Shearer is right but the signature of an icon has always been lifting the club out of madness or probably showing a way. Sadly, Ronaldo’s reactions have seen a lot more personal instead of dedicating his attention towards uplifting the club.

With the sizeable stature that Ronaldo brings along with himself, it is always expected that he takes the field to contribute. Sadly, for the Portuguese skipper, Manchester United has failed to create a significant environment where he can thrive while his country is currently lingering around the fringes of a World Cup elimination despite the extraordinary midfield that Portugal has carved for the goal-machine.




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