A Few Things That You Must Know About Ralf Rangnick

As Manchester United continues to ail in an ocean of controversies and poor form, the rumours of their current coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer being shown the exit becomes a lot more prevalent. Despite being handed over a fine squad led by the Portuguese sensation, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ole has failed to produce anything close to what Manchester United symbolizes.


Spanning from shambolic drubbings at the hands of Liverpool and Manchester City, the team has even slumped down to a tame Aston Villa who is ailing at the bottom of the league. A thousand questions have already been posted about the tactics of Ole and fans have passed a verdict that he hasn’t got any.

In the midst of all the chaos, it is heard that United is looking for replacements for the Norwegian and a few have already been shortlisted for this prestigious job. The name that has been making all the recent din is German manager, Ralf Rangnick who will be stepping into the 40th year of his coaching career that started with FC Viktoria Backnang in 1983.


Before the noise gets louder, we thought maybe we would provide you with a glimpse of what Ralf Rangnick’s introduction to the club would be preceded by.

#1 Ralf Rangnick was a defensive midfielder his entire life

In his playing days, Ralf has been deployed as a defensive midfielder, ironically one of the most vulnerable departments of Manchester United despite Ole playing two players in the same position. He played 66 games for VfR Heilbronn and 32 games for Ulm 1846. He also racked up 6 goals in his playing career.

#2 Apostle of Gegenpressing

One of Manchester United’s recent woes has been a lag in their work rate as once they lose the ball, they take eons to regroup and fall back to the defence. However, Ralf has a different style altogether that involves players chasing the ball in the very instant where they lose it.


#3 Ralf Rangnick is also known as the ‘Professor’

Ralf used to publicize his football strategy on TV and others thought that this was just a show-off wherein it actually paid off handsome dividends. The fact that he used to show off his strategies on the TV earned him the title of ‘Professor’ which was initially given in a joking way but he later changed it to a mark of respect.

#4 RB Leipzig is his biggest success story

He helped Leipzig in gaining promotion from Tier 4 to Tier 1 in Bundesliga and this jump happened in a span of 4 years before Julian Nagelsmann took over the charge. With all said and done, Manchester United will need a shake-up of things to make the wheels roll again. The start-stop form for the Devils won’t last if they are not able to conjure something magical in the near offing.



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